Tim & Jeannie, family and friends started fundraising annually for Relay for Life, where monies are used for Cancer Research. The Annual Community Garage Sale was our first event which grew for many years.

In 2005, we began our first Annual Dinner & Auction, at our home. For 5 years, it was very successful and grew to where we moved our 6th year to a winery in the Napa Valley.

A close friend, in her early 30’s, was diagnosed with stage 3 Breast Cancer and was struggling with treatments and continuing to work, as challenges continued for her. We did a picnic in the park, and through Facebook reached out too many of her friends and raised over $4,000 so she could replace her car, which was no longer running properly.

We, at that time, saw the need to create a 501(c)3 foundation. We then, could help patients as well as raise funds for ACS for research.

Hamann Foundation was founded and our objective was simple and straight forward, “To promote cancer research” and “to Provide Services and Support to Cancer Patients and Survivors” and we wanted to make a difference in the Battle against Cancer!

December 2014, Jeannie Hamann was diagnosed with stage 1 triple negative Breast Cancer. She went to Mt. Diablo Oncology Center for chemo and Sutter Solano for radiation treatments and there she met both fellow patients and the doctors and nursing staff. She soon learned there were patients who could not afford gas for their cars, to drive and get treatments.

We immediately sent $2000 to the Sutter Solano Cancer Center Transportation Fund, to provide cab rides for those in need.

In 2016, the Hamann Foundation followed up with $5,000 to Mt. Diablo Oncology Unit in Vallejo in Safeway gift cards ($50 each) for gas and food for those in need. Dr. Martin helps coordinate these efforts.

Natalie is a patient of Dr. Martin and is being treated for Breast Cancer. She was identified as a person needing help, so the Hamann Foundation contacted her landlord and paid $1,700.00 for 1 month rent on her behalf.

Alyssa’s husband passed away from cancer in 2014 leaving her and two children. Soon after, Alyssa was diagnosed with Triple negative breast cancer, having both breasts removed and treatments. Her property tax was due so the Hamann Foundation paid her taxes and 1 month house payment on her behalf. She sent the following letter-

Jeannie and Tim-
Thank you for your generous grant. I was so overwhelmed when Mom told me about it. I am so grateful for your advice, support and prayers. This has been quite a challenge, but the women who have come before me have given me much strength and courage. The chemo book you sent is my “bible”. I am so honored that you would choose me and allow me to benefit from the hardwork and dedication of so many others who are committed to the cause. Your gift has eased some of the burdens caused by this diagnoses. ~ Alyssa

Toni was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer, the Foundation helped with household utilities payments which made a difference.

Yuri is a 38-year-old father and husband suffering from colon cancer. The Foundation purchased $1,000 of Safeway Gift cards so the family could purchase food and gas and within a month of our donation Yuri passed away, leaving a wife and 4 children behind.

The Hamann Foundation is committed to “Make a Difference” by making the grants to patients and sending money to the American Cancer Society for research. We are currently working with the Mount Diablo Solano Oncology Group in Vallejo, CA. We are expanding in the future to also work with the Vallejo Kaiser Patients Oncology Center.

The Hamann Foundation – We are seeking benefactors so we can expand our help both through Grants or Sponsorship of our main fundraising event.

Our event will be April 28, 2017, in Benicia, California. It will be a silent auction, catered dinner and wine tasting event. We also have 4-5 big ticket items we auction as well. We expect between 160 to 200 to attend.

No one is paid a salary on our foundation. All professional services, time and monies are donated as we all believe in the cause.